4. Preparing an Offer

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General initial review

We distinguish between the following requests:

  • it relates to the creation of a software system, or
  • there is another reason.

If it is a request to create a software system, you must ensure the following (depending on customer requirements):

  1. The legal requirements are met,
  2. quality requirements of the customer were understood,
  3. a match between offer and contract,
  4. the order can be fulfilled in terms of content and dates and
  5. the business benefits of the company are guaranteed.

The procedure of the contract review described here is documented in the relevant Methods Manual.


The contract must be formulated by a shareholder or an employee authorized by the shareholders' meeting and submitted to another shareholder for inspection before delivery to the customer. Only after the review is complete, a draft contract can be submitted to the customer. All other changes to a contract require a new review.

The review of the documents includes in particular the comparison of the contract text with the offer documents. In addition, the full coverage of customer requirements and the feasibility of the included goals are checked.

Acceptance of the offer must always be in writing. An informal Email is sufficient, but in most cases, the customer's purchase department sends an order document. In the case of content changes to contracts, the amended documents pass through the contract review once again. The changes are documented and communicated to the affected departments of our company.


The contract verification procedures are recorded in the contract review form provided for this purpose. Depending on the nature of the request, the requirements made by the customers are recorded and this documentation is submitted to them for cross-checking. The documents of the contract review are subject to the documentation obligation according to section "Control of quality records" and are collected in the customer file related to orders or contracts.