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Documentation System

A documentation system supports the company in archiving documents. These systems are of outstanding importance for the company to be able to reproduce processes, decisions and agreements.

Documentation systems are used in project documentation, technical documentation or IT documentation. In order for them to fulfil their purpose, it is necessary to be able to use them to quickly collect, categorize and retrieve information.

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Documentation in a wiki

Wikis were developed to centrally collect and organize the knowledge of different experts. They are therefore ideal documentation systems and have long since become the standard documentation system, not least in IT.

A special feature of a wiki-based documentation system is that the development and ongoing documentation of knowledge is brought together in one system. The individual wiki article pages are "living documents". The documentation thus already begins in the planning phase. In addition comes:

  • Using a high-performance search engine, you can ensure that your employees quickly find critical company information.
  • With categories and namespaces you create a simple and clear classification system and fast access.
  • Templates and forms help you to standardize your documentation.
  • Using the visual editor, images can be quickly integrated into an article via drag&drop.
  • Attachments in other formats (Office, PDF, etc.) can also be quickly attached to an article.
  • The attachments can be enriched with metadata that can be processed inside and outside the system. (Semantics)

With a wiki, for example, you can ensure the traceability and reproducibility of all changes in the documentation through the versioning of all changes, archive information required by law and, if necessary, protect yourself from liability.

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