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Technical Documentation

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BlueSpice is the platform for technical documentation.

Wiki as a tool for technical documentation
External technical documentation Internal technical documentation
Documentation ensures that the product can be safely and properly commissioned, used, maintained and possibly disposed of.

The external documentation is usually created by technical writers and usually translated into the language of each user. Examples of external technical documentation:

It serves the internal archiving of all product-relevant documents and the obligation to prove compliance with all legal requirements. It can span the entire product lifecycle, from product planning through development, market launch and product monitoring to product discontinuation. Typical components of an internal documentation are:
  • operating instructions
  • installation and assembly instructions
  • service instructions, maintenance and repair instructions
  • software manuals, user guide and online help
  • project documentation
  • product documentation and datasheets
  • safety instructions / occupational safety
  • product videos, tutorials, etc.
  • specifications
  • requirements specifications
  • calculation notes
  • test reports
  • risk assessments / risk analysis
  • technical drawings
  • exploded
  • documents of construction and production,
  • evidence of quality assurance measures,
  • disposal.

Example Pages

You can get a first impression of these possibilities by looking at the following examples: